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    Build your business with Ele-Chem

    Build your business with Ele-Chem

    Ele-Chem welcomes any solution provider from consultants to information service providers with products that can complement our own offerings or products that we can market separately. We have several types of partnerships to choose from.

    Strategic Alliances and Business Partners

    We have partnerships all of which are highly respected companies in the industry. Via these partnerships we can provide first-class solutions and services.

    Programs: Making Business Smarter

    Partnership Programs

    Marketing Partner

    Ele-Chem has developed many Electric Candle applications which have primarily been distributed in Europe. To expand our global presence, we are seeking vendors and distributors for our packaged software.

    Localization Partner

    Are you interested in selling your products in China, Japan, Korea or Vietnam? The Asian market offers tremendous opportunities for products and services, but the cultural and legal complexities make entering the market difficult. With our main headquarters in Korea and liaison offices in China, Japan, Ele-Chem has a strong presence in Asia and a keen understanding of the Asian market. To help you enter the Asian market, we can assist with product localization and distribution.

    Support Partner

    As the leading systems integrator in Korea, Ele-Chem has many years of systems integration and management experience in diverse fields. We can help you set up your system infrastructure and provide the methodology to make your projects succeed.

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