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Installation of the electric candle:

The candle frame can be trimmed in length with a utility knife to much your existing lamp or chandelier. Because candelabra socket is being sold in different sizes you have to trim the candle frame accordingly.

For regular bulb socket the length of the candle frame will cover just the electronic device (electro-pot).
For all other applications with candelabra socket(small thread bulb) you have to take in consideration the electro-pot length and the length of the mouthing fixture witch needs to be covered by the candle frame. Measure twice and cut once. A cut in the wrong place will make the candle frame unusable.

The existing fixture or lamp should be unplugged from the power source until the candle is completely installed. Same rule for any installation.

After trimming the candle frame (bulb) to the right length, insert the electro-pot into the candle frame. Prior install the safety cap on to the electro-pot. Top of the candle is considered the end with the drip imitation and a molded space (larger) to fit in the cap of the electro-pot.

Thread the electric candle on to the lamp socket very gently until you reach the bottom of the socket.  Do not over tight because you will damage the electro-pot.

After all of this is being done, drop very gently the flame onto the electro-pot and then twist in any direction 90 degree to rest the flame (bulb) on the electric contact points of the electro-pot.  Turn on the lamp from its own switch and your electric candle is in use.

In 35-40 seconds you will see the flame moving gentle left and right like a real flame.

Warning :

  • Do not touch the flame
  • Do not move the flame manually or blow air onto the flame to create movements.
  • For any intervention and repairs to the candle, first you must unplug the candle from the outlet source of power.

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